Trimco ADDS Precision 2000 series to LockDown Hardware Product Series

In previous posts in many publications and here, serious attention has and should be given to public safety. Schools, colleges, universities, local, state and federal buildings all use exit devices for egress. In non-fire rated openings, the device may mechanically function in a ‘push or pull’ operation, typically referred to as a dogged device in the industry. LockDown Hardware by Trimco is designed for dogged devices. The LDH100 installed on an exit device quickly allows anyone to secure the door, without a tool/key/special knowledge. See post below dated 12/11/2017.

Trimco has three, specific LDH100 kits for Von Duprin, Dorma and now Precision series exit devices — the fastest, most economical way to secure a door with a dogged exit device. Videos are available on YouTube via the Trimco website. The link below is a 5-minute ‘how-to’ install video for Precision’s 2000 series device — my first YouTube appearance. All credit goes to Mladen Mandrapa of Trimco’s marketing department for his creativity, production and direction. Thanks Mladen — you made it easy.