Identity Hardware from Trimco Hardware
Rarely do I go crazy over a new product or offering for architectural hardware.  Trimco Hardware has me buzzing by creating custom door pulls for end users and owners to do something everyone wants -- create a lasting impression with every touch!  I suggest Identity Hardware is an easy, painless way to increase 'reach and frequency' in promoting your brand!!!  

Here's how easy it is (action): picture your logo, brand, or company name on the door pull to key entrances in your building, branches, locations.  Using your imagination and the design team at Trimco, every time a person enters the opening, they touch your logo.... reach and frequency!   If you wish to touch and feel samples, contact me to visit and deliver.

Follow up from my last email
I received significant, immediate response from several people regarding Lock Down Hardware from Trimco.  Its clear people have been looking for a simple, effective way to secure an exit device without special knowledge or expensive door hardware.  Three people asked if an activation switch could be added to secure a device that is electronically dogged -- Trimco is investigating this option now.  READ BELOW for more data regarding school safety. 

A recent email from the Door and Hardware Institute ( enhances the information shared regarding lock down in public places, specifically schools. 
More resources are available for your review and careful thought below -- please read if you care about securing your facility!  Trimco Hardware is ready to assist -- contact me for consultation.

The Door Security & Safety Foundation's educational campaign, Opening the Door to School Safety, continues to raise awareness to school administrators about the importance of safely securing classroom doors with code-compliant methods. provides a growing library of resources and information that are available for you to share on your social media feeds, websites and marketing materials. Below is a sample of what the website offers.

  • 4 white papers from four different associations dedicated to school safety.
  • The latest news about the dangers of classroom door barricade devices.
  • A variety of FAQs to help answer any questions regarding this topic.
  • A Tool Kit to provide poignant insight and information for better understanding secure and safe classroom door openings.
  • A 3-minute video featuring a fire marshal and school security expert about related dangers and unintended consequences.

Additional resources are at