Command Access Technologies announced a price increase in September. The new 2019/2020 CATALOG PRICE LIST is available online at this LINK.

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For a hard copy of the Catalog Price List, contact customer service at 888-622-2377, go online to to the CHAT to share your contact information, or email with your contact info. Remember, Command Access is here to help!

An Invisible Door Stop?

Almost. Take the traditional stop off the floor or off the wall? Eliminate trip hazards? Eliminate germs buried in floor stops? Make cleaning with a mop or broom effortless? Need to locate a stop in an un-natural position? Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Fantom Stops from Trimco!

Three applications -- Fire door, Barn door and Premium door stops. Accessories to make the installation fast and clean are available. Complete information on Trimco Fantom Stops is easy to access here.

Trimco ADDS Precision 2000 series to LockDown Hardware Product Series

In previous posts in many publications and here, serious attention has and should be given to public safety. Schools, colleges, universities, local, state and federal buildings all use exit devices for egress. In non-fire rated openings, the device may mechanically function in a ‘push or pull’ operation, typically referred to as a dogged device in the industry. LockDown Hardware by Trimco is designed for dogged devices. The LDH100 installed on an exit device quickly allows anyone to secure the door, without a tool/key/special knowledge. See post below dated 12/11/2017.

Trimco has three, specific LDH100 kits for Von Duprin, Dorma and now Precision series exit devices — the fastest, most economical way to secure a door with a dogged exit device. Videos are available on YouTube via the Trimco website. The link below is a 5-minute ‘how-to’ install video for Precision’s 2000 series device — my first YouTube appearance. All credit goes to Mladen Mandrapa of Trimco’s marketing department for his creativity, production and direction. Thanks Mladen — you made it easy.

Command Access Exit Device Latch Pullback Kits -- EASY, FAST & IT WORKS

Of life’s greatest and simple pleasures, Popcorn has to be near the top of the list. Truly, you’d be hard pressed to find a simpler process resulting in a more delicious, better outcome. But if you are just a little more daring, don’t hesitate to review and try Command Access’ latch pullback kits on your exit device. When you need to change from mechanical to electro-mechanical, you can’t beat the products from Command Access. With 14 field install kits available, made to work with the specific device, you can trust your retrofit or project to Command Access quality product.

For the quick overview of the ED KIT offering, this is the place to click now. So your not quite convinced? Why not review a video demonstrating how to install the kit! You can be like me and review it over and over again — I can’t get enough of these videos!!! It must be ease of installation and connections, plus the guy doing the videos is pretty entertaining too — dig that background music. Command Access YouTube channel.

Command Access sincerely cares about your customer experience. You can call and speak to a live body at (888) 622-2377. The website is friendly and has a live chat during business hours

Still not convinced? Here is a 2-minute video to meet the owners and stakeholders — real coolness. If you need any assistance or arm-twisting advice, contact me (714) 920-6440, email me direct; or you can use the ‘Contact’ tab on this site.

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Gap Solutions in Door Hardware Applications

Navigating door and hardware requirements, particularly for fire door applications, is not always clear. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published a report in April titled, ‘Influence of Gap Sizes Around Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware on Fire and Smoke Development’, that helps writers and users understand the influences of gaps in the door opening. A link to the report can be downloaded FREE here.

National Guard Products - NGP - have provided approved solutions to gap issues since 1935. No other company in the industry provides product, support, service and delivery like NGP. Let them prove it. Here is a link to a 2-page brief - ‘Gap Solutions for Excessive Fire Door and Frame Clearance’.

If you wish to understand how to regain lost fire door ratings, download the Gap Solutions catalog HERE.



Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware by National Guard Products

National Guard Products, the family company with a deep history making hardware in Memphis, TN since 1935, launch their original stainless steel barn door hardware kits.  Introducing the industry's first ANSI Grade 1 SS barn door assembly with their 5-year warranty for doors 220 lbs. or less.  Two mounting styles (top and side) with round track are gracing our inventory shelves.  What is that you don't hear?  Yes, 'soft close option' for quiet control of the door.  Check out NGP's full disclosure and promise here.

Sliding Door SS Side Mount Round Track photo.jpg

Stainless Steel Side Mount Round Track System

Introducing Trimco's AP700 Square and Rectangular Pull Series

Trimco's family of new square and rectangular pulls are made to fit 3/8" to 3" thick doors, seven configurations, multiple mounting methods, nine standard finishes; brass, bronze, stainless and aluminum base metals.  Stock sizes range from 12 to 60 inches with custom lengths available for larger doors.  This product is perfect for retail, hospitality, residential, multi-family and commercial projects.  Test, try and see for yourself Trimco's unrelenting pursuit of excellence.   Download AP700 cut sheet for more details.


Introducing OMNIA's Pocket Door Lock

 Redesigned with 5 new trim styles, 10 finishes and a new lock body.  Standard with concealed mounting fasteners, can be installed in both 1-3/4" or 1-3/8" thick doors and all in stock for immediate shipment.  Visit this link for more details, part numbers and list prices.  OMNIA - Beauty, Quality, Value. Visit to see why OMNIA is truly a quality product for you.

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Representation of National Guard Products

New Representation of National Guard Products and PBB Inc.


I am excited to confirm our representation of National Guard Products (NGP) in southern California and southern Nevada.  NGP has been helping customers and end users since 1935 with innovative products, supplying their customers with reliable, friendly service; always being leaders and stewards of our great industry.  Here is a link to the history of this fine company, family-owned and operated in Memphis, TN.


PBB Inc., an independent business in Ontario, CA since 1985, makes hinges of all shapes, sizes, colors and function for residential and commercial doors. JJ Solorio, AHC appointed our firm representatives in southern CA and southern Nevada effective October 1, 2018. Security Hardware is proud to represent PBB, allowing us to influence our customers and end users on superior quality hinges, sold locally at a fair price and available immediately for shipment or pickup. Visit PBB’s website via this link


Identity Hardware from Trimco Hardware
Rarely do I go crazy over a new product or offering for architectural hardware.  Trimco Hardware has me buzzing by creating custom door pulls for end users and owners to do something everyone wants -- create a lasting impression with every touch!  I suggest Identity Hardware is an easy, painless way to increase 'reach and frequency' in promoting your brand!!!  

Here's how easy it is (action): picture your logo, brand, or company name on the door pull to key entrances in your building, branches, locations.  Using your imagination and the design team at Trimco, every time a person enters the opening, they touch your logo.... reach and frequency!   If you wish to touch and feel samples, contact me to visit and deliver.

Follow up from my last email
I received significant, immediate response from several people regarding Lock Down Hardware from Trimco.  Its clear people have been looking for a simple, effective way to secure an exit device without special knowledge or expensive door hardware.  Three people asked if an activation switch could be added to secure a device that is electronically dogged -- Trimco is investigating this option now.  READ BELOW for more data regarding school safety. 

A recent email from the Door and Hardware Institute ( enhances the information shared regarding lock down in public places, specifically schools. 
More resources are available for your review and careful thought below -- please read if you care about securing your facility!  Trimco Hardware is ready to assist -- contact me for consultation.

The Door Security & Safety Foundation's educational campaign, Opening the Door to School Safety, continues to raise awareness to school administrators about the importance of safely securing classroom doors with code-compliant methods. provides a growing library of resources and information that are available for you to share on your social media feeds, websites and marketing materials. Below is a sample of what the website offers.

  • 4 white papers from four different associations dedicated to school safety.
  • The latest news about the dangers of classroom door barricade devices.
  • A variety of FAQs to help answer any questions regarding this topic.
  • A Tool Kit to provide poignant insight and information for better understanding secure and safe classroom door openings.
  • A 3-minute video featuring a fire marshal and school security expert about related dangers and unintended consequences.

Additional resources are at

New Year, 'New Gear' from Command Access Technologies

With the New Year, 'new gear'  is always fresh and exciting.  Command Access Technologies added an exit device series that replicates Adams Rite 86 CVR and 88 rim series - PD18/19.  The PD18 is can be electrified for both motor or solenoid latch retraction, installed in new and retrofit openings using same hole patterns and internal hardware.  CAT patented electronics with  considered industry-leading 3-year warranty, no long lead times and sweating the completion of your projects -- aka, peace of mind with Command Access.  The mechanical PD19 is readily available for mechanical rim and CVR.  Read all the product specs here and order from Command Access stocking distributors.  Oh my, I can't forget the famous install video series for all LP kits -- lights, camera, action!

Entrematic Auto Door 'Kits'

‘Low Energy’ Auto Door 'KITS' -- easy to order and install
Entrematic released new 'kits' to make it easy to order and deliver the popular HA8-LP (LP = Low Profile) low-energy operator.  See the list of new kits here.
Kits include operator, two wireless door switches and transmitters -- everything you need for one opening.
You can rest easy both Entrematic swing door operators are the best-in-class -- no one comes close. Click here for HA8-SP & HA8-LP details
For more information, consultation or demonstration, call Mark at 714-920-6440.  To view online demonstration video series, click here.


Door Lock Down -- Hot Topic in many Circles

Door Lock Down -- Hot Topic in many circles
If you are a parent, administrator, teacher, student or staff, you have considered 'what if?' a shooter threatens our school.  It's the worst nightmare one can imagine.  We all ask -- 'what can we do to prepare for the worst?'  In northern CA, lock down helped stop a gunman from taking more lives in a school.  Empower anyone to protect themselves.  Trimco Hardware has an answer now!!  'LDH-100' (LDH = lock down hardware) is the most economical mechanical way to un-dog and secure an exit device.  View this One-minute Video to see how it works.
More LDH100 referencesincluding white papers from National Association of Fire Marshalls and reputable industry sources: click here.


School lockdown stopped even bigger tragedy in California shooting

Trimco Hardware has developed the LDH-100 'Lock Down Hardware'.  A simple, quick, cost-effective lock down solution for exit devices (non-rated) to achieve instant lock down at the opening. 

Link to Lock Down Hardware information

Demonstration Videos below — how to make a difference in the lives of others: 

Link to Install Video:

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